What is family? And does family still matter in today's society?

Focus on the Family Canada presents the Pine Creek Entertainment documentary Irreplaceable, which seeks to address these fundamental questions. The documentary’s host Tim Sisarich travels the world to explore what “family” really means – and why it is so important to humanity.

Filled with insightful interviews from a diverse group of experts, this documentary highlights the passions, joys, tears and triumphs of the family, exploring the desire and design God has placed in each of us. Irreplaceable is a timely and provocative documentary that challenges viewers to take a closer look at their own families and to consider what can be done to make them stronger. It also offers a message of hope: that it is never too late to become a better father, mother, sister or brother.

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About The Family Project

“Focus on the Family is launching The Family Project to explore the irreplaceable role and design of family. This project will include a groundbreaking documentary and a 12 part curriculum series that will not only show us just how important the preservation of family is, but will transform the way we see ourselves and show us just how important family is, not just to the Christian worldview, but to the survival of society.”

– Tim Sisarich
Host of Irreplaceable


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