About us

Focus on the Family Canada is a charitable organization, leader and trusted specialist in marriage and family issues. As an established national family ministry, we are uniquely positioned to serve Canadians at all stages of life, providing care, advice, support and encouragement to families. We have worked hard to respond to the many real issues families face and to provide sound and practical guidance based on Christian principles.

For more than 30 years, we have been providing valuable resources on an array of important issues, as well as radio broadcasts, personal counselling, prayer support and much more. We aim to be the place Canadian families turn to for trusted help and encouragement!

Why we did The Family Project® and Irreplaceable

It is our hope that families will come face–to–face with God. The Irreplaceable documentary will shed valuable insight on the importance of family. As a further exploration into family values, The Family Project curriculum will help people understand their personal significance in God’s great plan, equipping them to live with an eternal perspective and model God’s design for family to their peers, communities and the world around them.

The goal of The Family Project is to recover the institution of family in light of who God is and what He created humanity to be, and ensure it endures at the centre of society; to renew our culture’s understanding of the family’s traditional, historical place; to reclaim the blessings that flow when families are strong. Crime, poverty and a host of social ills are dramatically reduced when families are vital and healthy.

Jim Daly

“The institution of the family stands at a pivotal moment in history. You don’t have to look very far to see the signs of trouble – divorce, abuse, abandonment, addictions and so much more. But amidst this bleak landscape, there is reason for hope. And that hope comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and from God’s blueprint for the family. The Creator’s design works! We need to embrace that design, rather than run away from it. The solution to so many of our society’s ills can be found in a wholehearted investment in stable, healthy families. That’s what The Family Project is all about.”

– Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family U.S.

How can we help you?

1) Radio broadcast:

We have daily broadcasts on a range of topics that can be listened to online, with our mobile app and/or at a station near you. Learn more here!

2) Free online resources:

From monthly marriage and parenting newsletters, to our parenting resource website Kids of Integrity, to our popular entertainment site Pluggedin.ca, we are here to support your family.

3) Focus on the Family Magazine:

Get your own copy of our Focus on the Family magazine delivered to your home for free!

4) Bookstore:

We have a huge number of resources to help you in whatever path you may be walking, including, but not limited to, Adventures in Odyssey, Radio Theatre and a collection of small–group study materials.

5) Counselling:

We have a team of registered, professional counsellors who are dedicated to caring for you. If you’d like a free, one–time consultation, call 1.800.661.9800. You can also visit us online at FocusHelps.ca.

6) Prayer:

If you would like to share a prayer request with us, you can submit online, email us at [email protected] or call 1.800.661.9800.

“When you look at a family, you’re looking at a God–designed picture of the gospel. This has profound implications for the Church and for society. The Family Project explores the theology of the family in an informative and accessible manner that lends itself to small group discussion. I highly recommend it!”
– Dr. Russell D. Moore, president of Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission


Focus on the Family (Canada) Association is a registered charity (#10684-5969-RR0001)